Full Service Realtor - Greater Pittsburgh Region


You want a partner in your purchase/sale process that can draw on a deep well of industry experience to guide you to a successful outcome. With over 12 years as a professional in the Real Estate business and $70M+ in career residential real estate sales, I am ready to assist you no matter what the circumstance. 

I continue to expand my knowledge and training on a daily basis in order to ensure that I have the answers and solutions for your personal Real Estate needs. 


Whether you are in the market to buy, sell, or both concurrently, I am here to ensure that your goals are accomplished. Every scenario has its own complexities and I will bring my experience in the industry and my strong negotiation skills to the table to ensure the best possible results.

I have worked hard to compile an extensive list of excellent local professionals, from painters to attorneys, that I rely on to ensure a smooth and successful purchase/sale process for my clients.  


Digging in and maintaining a pulse on our local markets is a daily activity for me that will benefit you! The Greater Pittsburgh region has a diverse range of markets and supply/demand in each area is constantly shifting. Knowing where we are in those cycles allows me to implement the best strategty for my clients personal needs in each individual transaction.